Jigsaw Puzzle Theory of Life

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Jigsaw Puzzle Theory of Life

Postby Veritas on Wed Apr 17, 2013 3:33 am

Jigsaw Puzzle Theory of Life
By Chris P Bohn

Life and one's successive reincarnations can be compared
to a compendium of games, or more specifically to a
jigsaw puzzle.

Here's how it works:
Some people spend ages trying to find all the blue
pieces in the belief that what they are collecting are
pieces of sky. It is only later that they discover that
they have also mistakenly picked up pieces of a lake and
bits of blue fabric which are probably parts of
someone's shirt.

Some complete the edge of their puzzle and are so
pleased with their achievement at having done this that
they fail to notice the disorderly array of puzzle
pieces still piled up in the middle.

Some complete the middle but find they have no finished
edge to hold it all together.


Some obsessive types complete a section which looks like
a complete picture in itself. They are so mesmerized by
this isolated part that they neglect to continue with
the rest of the puzzle and spend the rest of their life
totally fixated by the small part they have actually
Some complete the whole puzzle but having done so they
believe the result to look like a confusing mass of
unrelated colours. Whereas it is in fact a picture of a
kaleidoscope pattern and can be successfully completed
in hundreds of different ways.

People do their jigsaw puzzles in various places.
Most have a dining table or other similar suitable
surface on which to work. The surface is however far
less important than the approach and attitude you take
to working on the puzzle.

In between successive sessions of working on one's
jigsaw puzzle (or successive incarnations if you prefer)
it is easily possible for a piece or several pieces to
fall onto the floor without anyone noticing. In their
efforts to live what they believe to be tidy, ordered
lives people have at times taken to vacuuming their
floors on a regular basis. It is thus easy for a puzzle
piece to be vacuumed and to become lost. It can and does
take some people a considerable amount of time before
they realize that the crucial missing pieces may be
retrieved only by searching through half a ton of dust
and spiders, which shall henceforth be known as 'the
hoover bag of life'.

One big mistake which is frequently made is for people
to think that they have finished their puzzle and do not
need to do any others. They will mount, frame and
proudly display their puzzle in its complete and
unchanging form in the now outdated belief that we each
complete but one puzzle and are thereafter eternally
blessed or damned. These unfortunate souls are with us


Some know that they will be returning and put numbers on
the reverse of their puzzle pieces. What a pleasant
surprise it will be for them to return only to find a
completely new puzzle awaiting them.

On your first visit to the jigsaw puzzle room you are
virtually guaranteed a complete puzzle. However if you
acquire a pre-owned puzzle it is not uncommon to find
one or more pieces missing. This will not become
apparent until you are near to completion.
The uncertainty is part of the territory.

Some will think themselves clever and count the pieces
before they begin. Finding that there are indeed a
couple of missing pieces, they will not even try to do
their puzzle properly, not realising that as always
there is merit to be had merely in one's attempt or
approach and not only in completion.

Some may begin a puzzle perfectly aware that it has some
missing pieces. Others will see this and will criticize
them for it. Yet sometimes one person's partial jigsaw
puzzle can be more pleasing to the eye than another's
perfectly complete example.

It should be noted that usually we start our cycle of
games in the compendium of life with simple puzzles, and
progress towards more complex ones.

There is no hard and fast rule on how to control what
you receive and what your tasks may be, but the
following guidelines may prove useful:

1. Learn to see the bigger picture.

2. Learn to see beyond the picture altogether.

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