All Things Are Connected

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All Things Are Connected

Postby Quantum on Sat Apr 06, 2013 2:07 pm

Ethics Online

While the ethical traditions of humanity know how to deal with homicide and even genocide these traditions are conveniently forgotten when it comes to ecocide and biocide.

Humanity has become a virulent species ethically destitute spiritually bankrupt, and devoid of any real compassion.
Humanity believes it has the right to dominate and subjugate an entire planet, inflicting more suffering and destruction on more creatures, (indeed on all life-forms) than at any other time in history.

Watch this video with friends, recommend it to others and hopefully it will help inspire change.

All Things Are Connected

"All things are connected" is fundamental to the "Law of Karma" - that all actions have consequences. According to this karmic principle, unskilful actions, e.g. those based on fear or greed, have undesirable consequences while skilful actions e.g. those based on joy, love, respect or wisdom, have desirable consequences and lead one towards transcending duality.

Have the scientific and technological advances of the twentieth century left us arrogantly believing that we are above the laws of nature?

The wisdom quoted below is attributed to a speech in 1854 by the great Native American Chief Seattle, Chief of the Duwamish and Suquamish Indians, when responding to a U.S. government offer to buy a large tract of Native American land.

"How can you buy or sell the sky, the warmth of the land?
This idea is strange to us. If we do not own the freshness of the air or the sparkle of water, how can you buy them?

Every part of the earth is sacred to my people - We are part of the earth and the earth is part of us.
So, when the Great Chief in Washington sends word that he wishes to buy our land, he asks much of us.
The air is precious to the Red Man, for all things share the same breath.
I do not understand how the smoking iron horse can be more important than the buffalo we kill only to stay alive.
For what is man without the beasts?
If all the beasts were gone, man would die from a great loneliness of spirit.
For whatever happens to the beast, soon happens to man...

All things are connected!
You must teach your children that the ground beneath their feet is the ashes of their grandfathers.
This we know: the earth does not belong to man - man belongs to the earth.

All things are connected - like the blood which unites one family."

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Re: All Things Are Connected

Postby David on Mon Apr 08, 2013 12:51 pm


Thanks for those words of timeless wisdom from the Red Man Quantum, but as to the scientific and technological advances of the twentieth century I think it is mainly the mainstream scientists and technologists who arrogantly believe that we are above the laws of nature, I think the average person is appalled at the wholesale destruction humans are causing the planet, but in most cases the rat race probably presses them too hard to spend too much time thinking ahead, so it's all for now and not much thought for the future grandchildren or other species and in many cases not even their fellow humans. There are those who do it, and those who go along to get along (ie; the mortgage etc) and not enough of us trying to "first do no harm" - maybe if there was a certain critical mass of us something might change for the better.



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Re: All Things Are Connected

Postby Quantum on Wed Apr 10, 2013 4:46 am

maybe if there was a certain critical mass of us something might change for the better.

It has been said the Dragon people were the first people.
For a True Dragon, the inter-connectedness of ALL things is self-evident.
For a true Dragon, Empathy comes instinctively and a deep Love of and Respect for the Natural World arises spontaneously. and comes before all else.

These are Ancient Wisdoms and Timeless Truths.

Only when the majority of humans on this planet understand and live in accordance with the ethical principles of the indigenous peoples of the Earth will things change for the better.

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Re: All Things Are Connected

Postby David on Mon Apr 15, 2013 1:41 am

Yes indeed Quantum

The indiginous ones seem to be the only ones who have not - as a society - forgotten that. In the so called "civilised countries" societies are all geared around the individual and "having stuff" all the while needing to have increasing numbers of so called "authorities" to regulate just who has what stuff and how they should be allowed to use it.. the word ethics get bandied about quite a lot but few in such countries know what it means.

If they could just understand what our Aborigines here in Australia understand we'd be on a winner.. If they understood that they could never own any land because they are already property of the land, then perhaps they would cease to invent ridiculous plurals such as "authorities" - that would be crazy to an aboriginal, or indeed any 'good obyvatel' (inhabitant) because if you're owned by the land, the land has ultimate authority over all, so there is none to contend with that.. try as they may they will go into the land like everyone else, to be recycled and forgotten..

Unless perhaps they did something to change all that, like some of the alchemists for instance, but then on the planetary scale all humans put together are not necessarily that important. Who knows..

Therefore it is ludicrous to proceed as we are, as if we knew something.. when it's all just an "author-it-tease" :lol:

Tally Ho


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Re: All Things Are Connected

Postby Quantum on Tue Apr 16, 2013 3:24 am

Hmmm yes, it is ridiculus....

Allow me to share some more thoughts that come to us from the indigenous peoples — specifically from the Lakota Medicine Man and Shaman who was known to us as Rolling Thunder.


1. Respect for Proper Authority.

This Sacred Directive is not about doing what you’re told.
It’s NOT about being coerced by some centralized authority system or family member or some political or religious leader, nor is it about being in fear of some supernatural god-father who lives off-planet and who has good days and bad days.

So what is proper authority?
We will know it when we see it… and we will offer our respect for that authority, as well as our support, only when it reveals itself as coming from a place of Truth, of Authenticity, and from a foundation based in the positive polarity devoted to the Greater Good of All.

2. Preserve and Promote the Beauties of Nature

This sacred guideline of living and thriving in the beauty of Nature was embraced and practiced by the traditional peoples everywhere before Western Civilization happened to them.
If we were to consider the Aboriginal peoples of Australia, for example, their indigenous life ways and perceptions kept them and their societies alive and well for tens of thousands of years longer than Western Civilization has existed.

During this time they have built no great monuments, nor have they produced any glittering new gadgets to distract and delight us, although they have created great art. Rather they have lived in balance and harmony with Nature for more than 40,000 years during which time they have destroyed no land nor diminished its spirit. That is their monument and in the end, this may be the only one that really matters.

3. Judge with Kindness and Wisdom

In August, 2001, I remember hearing the religious scholar and acclaimed author and Professor Huston Smith say at a conference in Victoria BC: “If I were to leave a last thought with all of you, it would be this: ‘Try to be a little kinder to each other…”

4. Moderation in ALL Things

Dr. Benjamin Franklin—one of the architects of the newly forming United Sates of America over 200 years ago—proclaimed himself ‘An extreme moderate.’ As a result, he emerged as one of the most interesting and balanced of the many founding fathers of the US… and one of the most successful as a human being.

If we were to consider the moderates in our own time from a spiritual perspective, we might describe them as secular humanists who perceive an immanent and omnipresent creative force or principle found within everything and everyone, whose sole expression is love… a perspective that is now being embraced by increasing numbers of well-informed and well-educated people, most of whom hold the belief in some form of universal god-like being or consciousness of which we are all manifested aspects.

These folks are not god-fearing, they are god-loving; and as awakened citizens of the world, they know that the spiritual patriarchs — Zoroaster and Moses, Jesus and Mohammed, as well as Lao Tzu, Krishna, and the Buddha — are all important spiritual teachers whether or not we are psychologically Jewish or Christian, Muslim or Hindu, Taoist or Buddhist.

In other words, the time has come for all those religious extremists and fundamentalists deeply anchored in the negative polarity to reconsider what their beliefs have brought down from the Dark Ages and into our the world.

For in response to them, perhaps, here is a new spiritual complex coming into being in our time, one that is life-affirming and life-sustaining, one that is based in the principle of Aloha, providing us all with an opportunity to achieve a level of spiritual freedom and growth that has not been experienced in the Western world for 2000 years.

5. Play Fair in the Game of Life

The further we progress along the path of power, the more vulnerable we become to the flaws in our own character. And this is where most of our leaders—political, economic, social, military, and religious—have stumbled.

To acquire and wield great power comes with great responsibility, a fact that implies that power must always be used with integrity, with fairness and with honor. This leads us to the next Law…

6. A person’s Word of Honor is Sacred

As the actor Liam Neeson said to his young son in the film Rob Roy: ‘Honor is a gift that a man gives to himself. No one else can give it to you and no one can take it away.’

7. Respect for Differences

Most of the "transformationals" who attend our mystical seminars and workshops express a strong sense of social justice, and they seem to be deeply concerned about the quality of human life at all levels of society. They feel strong support for women's issues as well as those of minorities. They are concerned for the safety and well being of both children and the elderly, and human relationships are clearly seen as more important than material gain. Social and religious tolerance, personal individualism, and spiritual freedom are highly valued ideals… and the reweaving of the social fabric through the rebuilding of families, neighborhoods, and communities are major areas of concern.

I personally find these values to be deeply reassuring for it quickly becomes apparent that they have little to do with being a liberal or a conservative, a Christian or a Jew, a Hindu or a Muslim, or even a patriot. Yet they have everything to do with being a humanist in the evolved sense of the word.

Although the Western world continues to be driven by greed and fueled by denial, motivated by fear and dominated by competition, members of the transformational community are oriented toward democratic, humanistic ideals, and we tend to favor cooperative endeavors that benefit the many.

The importance of balance and harmony lies right at the core of our values, and in this respect, we, like the indigenous peoples, have grasped that humans must strive to live their lives in ways that contribute to the greater good of all rather than following lifestyles and pursuing goals that create its opposite.

In Conclusion ----
The time has come for all of us, including our leadership, to turn toward our higher nature, to bring out the best in ourselves in order to shift our anchor into the positive polarity so that we may work together to create connection with each other and with an enhanced sense of purpose.

To quote a Hawaiian saying…
‘We are all in the canoe together… and if we keep paddling in the right direction and we keep bailing, we’ll reach the island.’

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