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Wisdom of the Ancients

Postby Quantum on Fri Apr 19, 2013 2:32 am

A long thread of Ancient Wisdom runs uninterruptedly from the Dawn of Humanity, even until this, our present day.
This thread is accessible to All in each Age.
Each Age learns from it and adds to it.
Some individuals tap into it while most ignore it.
Based on the needs of the times, it expresses itself differently, but always with the same Aim -- to inspire and instruct Human kind to live up to their potential.

Some Ancient Wisdom Quotes:

"Truly it has been said that there is nothing new under the sun, for knowledge is revealed and is submerged again, even as a nation rises and falls. Here is a system, tested throughout the ages, but lost again and again by ignorance or prejudice, in the same way that great nations have risen and fallen and been lost to history beneath the desert sands and in the ocean depths.....

.....And as the Soul is in all the limbs of the Body, so also is this Spirit in all elementary created things. It is sought by many and found by few. It is beheld from afar and found near; for it exists in every thing, in every place, and at all times. It has the powers of all creatures; its action is found in all elements, and the qualities of all things are therein, even in the highest perfection. By virtue of this essence did Adam and the Patriarchs preserve their health and live to an extreme age, some of them also flourishing in great riches.

When the philosophers had discovered it, with great diligence and labour, they straightaway concealed it under strange tongue, and in parables, lest the same should become known to the unworthy, and the pearls be cast before swine.

For if everyone knew it, all work and industry would cease; man would desire nothing but this one thing, people would live wickedly, and the world would be ruined, seeing that they would provoke God by reason of their avarice and superfluity.

For eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, nor hath the heart of man understood what Heaven hath naturally incorporated with this Sprit." "

-- Paracelsus

"Distinguish between those who understand and those who agree.
He who understands the Teaching will not tarry in applying it to life;
He who agrees will nod and extol the Teaching as remarkable wisdom,
but will not apply this wisdom to his life.
There are many who have agreed, but they are like a withered forest, fruitless and without shade. Only decay awaits them.
Those who understand are few, but like a sponge they absorb the precious knowledge and are ready to cleanse the horrors of the world with this precious liquid."

-- Buddha

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Re: Wisdom of the Ancients

Postby AmAcAz on Mon Dec 22, 2014 7:20 am

I love the poetry expressed in these quotes...

in my view when ordinary words fail to circumscribe a truth then only the language of the poetic form will suffice for it operates within it's own medium of self expression subject to none but it's own law.

Thank you for posting this :-)

Here is an excerpt from my favourite poem Savitri by Sri Aurobindo which describes the beginning of the process of union with the soul. I hope you like it!

"The Symbol Dawn
IT WAS the hour before the Gods awake. Across the path of the divine Event
The huge foreboding mind of Night, alone In her unlit temple of eternity,
Lay stretched immobile upon Silence’ marge. Almost one felt, opaque, impenetrable,
In the sombre symbol of her eyeless muse The abysm of the unbodied Infinite;
A fathomless zero occupied the world.
A power of fallen boundless self awake
Between the first and the last Nothingness, Recalling the tenebrous womb from which it came, Turned from the insoluble mystery of birth
And the tardy process of mortality
And longed to reach its end in vacant Nought.
As in a dark beginning of all things,
A mute featureless semblance of the Unknown Repeating for ever the unconscious act,
Prolonging for ever the unseeing will,
Cradled the cosmic drowse of ignorant Force Whose moved creative slumber kindles the suns And carries our lives in its somnambulist whirl. Athwart the vain enormous trance of Space,
Its formless stupor without mind or life,
A shadow spinning through a soulless Void, Thrown back once more into unthinking dreams, Earth wheeled abandoned in the hollow gulfs Forgetful of her spirit and her fate.
The impassive skies were neutral, empty, still. Then something in the inscrutable darkness stirred; A nameless movement, an unthought Idea"

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