In Loving Memory - Dragon Sovereignty International Press

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Re: In Loving Memory - Dragon Sovereignty International Pres

Post by Veritas on Tue Apr 02, 2013 3:15 pm

The Latest News from Dragon Sovereignty International Press:
Published on Mar 24, 2013

HI&RH Prince Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg’s ASSASSINATION.. The SHOCKING phone call from his Fiancé to Sir James Robert Wright, 32°

DISTURBING AND APPALLING Recording of the February 24th, 2013 phone call in which Lila Tolui, Fiancé of de Vere places a phone call to Sir James Robert Wright, Board Member of de Vere’s company, and describes the scene in which Nicholas de Vere was found and alleges sinister activity / ritual slaying / foul play. This conversation has been publicly denied by the British authorities, until an anonymous intel source provided it from Wright’s tapped phone lines in Los Angeles.

Listen Here: ... wright-32/

In Loving Memory - Dragon Sovereignty International Press

Post by Drache on Tue Mar 05, 2013 1:14 am

Dragon Sovereignty International Press
HRH King Thomas of Hierosolyma Kt. S.D. O.G.S

In Loving Memory of HRH Prince Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg, Kt. S.D. AKA The Elvin King!
In HOPE, on February 27, 2013 at 5:06 pm

Due to the ongoing complications and character assassinations, mudslinging, rampant back-biting, scathing accusations, railing judgments and anomalous two-faced people it is in the best interest to all parties that this post be replaced with a proper statement.

We all had the opportunity to unite under a common banner in the process to make change and affect our world.

What did we do this time?

Yes, I loved Nick unconditionally. I’ve not had the worst life nor have I had the best life either. So, when I first discovered Nicholas de Vere and his online e-book (, I felt that my life made some sort of sense.

I never asked Nick for anything and it pained me more than anything that I did not know what I could offer him to help and serve. So, remained in the background as just a supporter. Now only to find that I never had a chance to begin with. I won’t judge anyone, neither will I criticize or shame anyone. In the last year I was involved in a core group of secret members to help clean up the online mess that plagued Nick much of his life.

Would you like the results of all our work and effort? Success!

Would like the over-all results of the Court, Drakenberg and subsidiaries? Fail!

I’m not sure what I think anymore. I’m sorry for Nick and his families loss. Everyone lost something here whether it was the loss of integrity, character, time, money, dignity, etc… Most of all we lost a Great man, friend, brother and a father figure to some.

His work lives on and I will pass it on to those around me and to any children, future children and grandchildren. Because of Nick, I know my self just a little bit better, I am a bit more clear sighted and aware. I’ve valuable lessons of fact, truth and fantasy. I’ve learned about human nature, greed. vampirism and sloth. I’ve learned about vacuous new age, pseudo spiritual, I’m a druid bullshit, singing kumbyah, while holding hands outside a gas station. I’ve learned how brilliantly violent, deceptive, manipulative and cruel Merovingian’s can be.


We, as a group, have accomplished nothing. How impressive.

And all this for a man that we say we love, respect and believe in. I’m so proud I can only cry tears…

At least, now Nick knows the truth, who he should have and shouldn’t have trusted. One day, we all will know the truth, because one day we all will pass on into the next plane and head off to the ‘Far Country’. And, once we arrive, we will all see who was authentic and true and who was a thief and a liar.

Rest in Peace Nick.

http://www.pendracoinsularis.wordpress. ... lvin-king/


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